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Over 25 years on the market

Zum Tätigkeitsbereich von Bolid GmbH gehört hauptsächlich der Handel mit NE-Metallen. Die Hauptgruppen sind:


Bolid GmbH trades mainly with non-ferrous metals. The main metals are:

Scrap of stainless steel and alloys with nickel. We also trade with metal scrap, which are used for steel alloys.

Scrap of copper and alloys with copper. Also alloys of brass and bronze.

Scrap and alloys of lead.

Aluminium scrap and alloys.

Rare earth metals and their alloys.

Precious metals and their alloys.


Bolid GmbH trades mainly with metals and organizes the logistics. We buy scrap and alloys of different metals mainly from CIS countries and deliver the material to the biggest works worldwide. The main principle of Bolid GmbH is clarity. Our suppliers always receive a complete update on their deliveries at any time. The finaly analysis regarding the quality of material will only be confirmed with the supplier.

Bolid GmbH has a wide spectrum of stainless steel, e.g. sheet metal or pipes at good conditions.


Professionalism und transparency of the business, speed and a proper relationship with partners and customers are the main principles of Bolid GmbH. Our company exists more than 30 years in the non-ferrous metal market.

Our parterns are located worldwide. A large amount of international contracts with leading suppliers and buyers of non-ferrous metals is the success of our business.

The experience, perfected course, a strong team, which always adapts to the environment allws Bolid GmbH a successful relationship to it's business partners.

The focus of our interests is buying and selling non-ferrous metals, alloys and sheet metals.


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